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Engage2Excel is proud to present you with this limited-time offer to order editions of The Employee-Centric Manager, by Dr. Jack Wiley, our chief scientific officer. The Employee-Centric Manager is written for managers to use as a quick reference handbook in improving their daily interactions with employees to boost engagement, performance and retention.

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Help every manager in your organization understand what 80,000 employees in 27 countries most want from their manager

A Must-Read for every manager in your organization.

Based on a Decade of Research that reveals what 80,000 employees in 27 countries most want from their manager.

Written by Dr. Jack Wiley, Engage2Excel Group’s Chief Scientific Officer, and award-winning organizational psychologist, researcher, author and leadership consultant.

8 Keys to Managerial Effectiveness: Presents the five behaviors, one skill and two values every manager can embrace immediately to boost managerial effectiveness ratings and improve employee productivity and retention.

Written for Managers of All Levels: Includes 90 easy-to-apply “do and don’t” tips, 40 best practice recommendations, eight successful manager profiles and 96 verbatim quotes from employees on their positive and negative experiences with managers.


Master the 8 Attributes of an Employee-Centric Manager

Learn and demonstrate the 8 attributes that 80,000 employees in 27 countries most want from their manager.


  • Support & Understanding
  • Recognition
  • Dignity & Respect
  • Clear Performance Expectations
  • Reward Performance Contributions

  • Problem-Solving & Decision Making

  • Fair & Just
  • Honest & Trustworthy

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Managers who excel at employee-centricity outperform all others at positively influencing employee engagement, team chemistry, and team productivity.