Our veteran recruiters are an extension of your team throughout the talent acquisition process


We collaborate closely with your hiring managers to build job descriptions, establish success criteria and identify optimal sourcing channels.

Engagement & Screening:

We know the best talent is in high demand. Our recruiters create compelling candidate experiences and screen for the right skills, experience, competencies and cultural fit.


We offer a full portfolio of pre-hire assessment and interview support tools to help your team focus their time on the most qualified candidates.

Hiring & Pre-Boarding:

Our team helps you accelerate the onboarding process and can even send a customized pre-boarding package to build loyalty and motivation before day one.

Expand your talent pipeline with advanced sourcing strategies and technologies

Today’s talent marketplace offers an excellent opportunity to fill critical skills and succession gaps. Engage2Excel Recruitment can help expand your candidate pool by using AI to connect with the passive workforce and find those with the right skills, all while managing online job postings, social media sourcing, community outreach and support for employee referrals.

We give you the freedom to be strategic

Finding a recruitment partner you can depend on, day-in and day-out, isn’t easy. Our goal is to earn your trust and consistently deliver exceptional results through transparency, capability and reliability. We take on the heavy lifting of the tactical pieces of recruiting so that your Human Resources team can focus on the strategic objectives of the organization. Giving HR the freedom to be strategic.


If you’re looking for the best talent, but getting more of the same, come work with us.

Engage2Excel Recruitment puts a fresh take on finding talent. Sure, we use best practice processes, but we know that’s not enough to find and keep the best talent. In addition to our leading candidate engagement tools, our clients can expect forward-thinking solutions that can meet your immediate and long-term hiring needs.

Top Performer Study:

Using demographic data, market segmentation and analytics, we attract the right individuals that possess the competencies, mindset and emotional connection that you want for your organization.

Compelling Job Descriptions:

These are NOT your typical job descriptions. They’re better. Our dynamic and informative Jobinfo Writeups™ give candidates a bird’s eye view into the role, what’s in it for them, and the unique culture of your organization.

Original Research:

Creating better candidate experiences is key to attracting and retaining top talent. That’s why our Trendicators™ research division regularly conducts nationwide surveys to understand active and passive candidate mindsets across industry sectors and demographic groups.

Help hiring managers improve retention with coaching and analytics tools

Are your hiring managers skilled in behavior-based interviewing? Are they adept at engaging candidates in online interviews? Our experts can help ensure that your hiring managers are supported with the tools and support to hire employees that care more, work smarter and stay longer.

Industry-leading candidate engagement technology at your fingertips

Our recruiting processes are fully automated, tracking every text, email and phone interaction we have with candidates and your hiring team. Utilizing Recruiting Machine™, our candidate engagement technology, as a full-service Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or as a candidate relationship management (CRM) tool, we can help your team stay on track and connected with every candidate.