Engage, celebrate and reward employees







CXS Recognize is an easy-to-use and configurable recognition platform designed to accelerate engagement, improve the employee experience and drives business results.

Recognize the Moments that Matter

Engage2Excel’s unique and custom award options are designed to celebrate your employee’s achievements and fit your brand and culture. Our Moments Collection™ is a series of numbers, words and symbols that acknowledge milestones and victories. Our exclusive Stackables™ are a magnetic, build-an-award system that captures employees’ accomplishments during their career in your organization. We’ve reinvented what recognition should look like today. Start a new tradition in your organization with meaningful awards that recognize the moments that matter.

Turn recognition into a social event with Sociables™

For employees observing an onboarding milestone, service anniversary, retirement or even a birthday, we help you create a one-of-a-kind experience with Sociables—eCards, digital pictures and video messages.

Focus and accelerate results with sale incentives

Non-cash sales incentive programs supplement sales compensation plans to gain discretionary effort, focus attention on new products and services as well as engage influencers like service and repair personnel. We can help you design an incentive program designed to address all the drivers of success and encourage specific results.

CXS Develop: Help managers become more effective leaders

CXS Develop provides managers with the personalized analytics and prescriptive learning they need to track and improve their effectiveness in demonstrating key leadership and recognition skills. We are the only partner that uses advanced and proprietary analytics called the RQ SCORE™ that provides you with the effectiveness of your recognition strategy and actionable insights to help your managers improve.

CXS platform technology advantages

Recognized as a technology leader by Brandon Hall and Everest Group, CXS Recognize has the features you need to easily manage and scale a best-in-class recognition program:

  • Scalable & Configurable
  • Fully Branded Site, Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • HRIS Integration for a seamless experience
  • Personalization & Profile Management
  • Audience Segmentation & Messaging
  • Automation of Complex and/or Routine Processes
  • Robust Reporting & Advanced Analytics
  • Global Reward Redemption catalog

Integrated with leading HCM platforms

The Engage2Excel Technology Alliance simplifies integration with leading HCM platforms, technologies and tools.