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Science-driven recognition solutions tailored to your organization’s unique goals and culture

We see recognition through a scientific lens

In the modern workplace, understanding what employees really want is the key to creating better experiences that lead to increased performance and higher retention rates. Engage2Excel's employee recognition solutions are based on three decades of research by Jack Wiley, Ph.D., our chief scientific officer, and informed by ongoing survey research across industry sectors and best practices from our base of 2,700+ clients.

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Our research reveals overwhelming evidence for the effectiveness of service awards

HR executives are often asked by members of their leadership teams if service awards are still relevant. The answer is a resounding “Yes,” based on groundbreaking research conducted by Trendicators, the research division of Engage2Excel. In a recent nationwide survey of 5,000 U.S. employees, we learned that 73% of all workers believe that service awards help employees feel valued and improve engagement. Among all age groups, millennials show the highest favorability (80%) toward their service recognition programs.

Looking for ideas on how to make your service awards program more effective? Contact an Engage2Excel solutions expert today.

Get the latest research on the effectiveness of service awards


Get the latest research on the effectiveness of service awards

More than three-quarters of all U.S. companies recognize employees’ tenure through formal length of service recognition programs. Yet, the question still remains…Do today’s employees still see value in service awards? Download this Trendicators research report to learn about the prevalence of service awards by industry, differences in perceptions of the value and effectiveness of service awards and favorability towards service awards by age groups and management level.

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What type of recognition makes employees twice as likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work?

A key indicator for engagement is whether your employees would recommend your organization as a great place to work. In a recent survey of 1,500 U.S. employees representing all major industries and demographic groups, we learned that employees with performance recognition programs are twice as likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work. Engage2Excel conducts ongoing research to better understand the preferences and perceptions of employees in order to improve the effectiveness of our recognition solutions.

Let us help you design and scale performance recognition programs to provide the contextual feedback that employees want and need. Our solutions experts partner with you to create targeted recognition programs to improve performance in a wide variety of areas, including productivity, safety, quality control, innovation and collaboration.

Get the latest survey research on<BR>performance recognition


Get the latest survey research on
performance recognition

What effects do performance recognition programs have on employees? To answer this question, we conducted an independent survey of 1,500 U.S. employees. Learn which types of programs are most popular, the features employees prefer and how performance recognition programs affect important employee attitudes and behaviors in What Do Employees Say About Performance Recognition.

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Your company is unique.
Why settle for a one-size-fits-all recognition program?

Engage2Excel enables you to tailor recognition, messaging and branding to achieve your company’s unique goals with one role-based platform for managing all of your service, performance and social recognition programs. We help you scale your programs to reach your diverse workforce with personalized solutions that engage employees online, offline, via mobile and through messenger-based apps. And finally, we enable you to replace guesswork with proven, research-based methodologies and ROI-based analytics to improve bottom-line results.

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