Press Release: Decision Toolbox Changes Name to Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions

STATESVILLE, N.C., Thursday, March 15, 2018 – Decision Toolbox, a leading provider of national recruitment solutions, announced today the company will unify branding with its parent company, Engage2Excel, and will now be known as Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions. This brand unification provides a more seamless experience for customers as they attract, hire, motivate and retain highly engaged employees. Engage2Excel acquired Decision Toolbox in December 2016 to complement its range of HR solutions for employee recognition and surveys and to significantly expand the capabilities of its Talent Acquisition division, launched in July 2016.

“Organizations are challenged with finding highly engaged candidates from the start, which can have an impact on their turnover and retention goals,” said Darren Findley, President, Recruitment Solutions at Engage2Excel. “With the full range of services offered by Engage2Excel, employers now can attract and retain top talent with solutions from a single provider.”

Founded in 1992, Decision Toolbox developed the leading recruiting productivity platform, Recruiting Machine, which astonished candidates, clients and users by embracing every step of the recruiting process to build both quality and efficiency. Recognized for its innovative and creative recruitment products and services, Decision Toolbox has taken a lead role in almost every aspect of the recruitment process and is well known for its high quality, attraction and retention ratings, making the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen list nine times.

Clients can expect a unique candidate and career lifecycle journey, designed for new hires to succeed in an organization’s unique culture. The cycle begins with the innovative recruitment platform that attracts highly engaged talent, then moves to an immersive onboarding experience that drives social participation, while milestone and performance recognition programs are woven in to support, motivate and retain new employees.

About Engage2Excel, Inc.
Engage2Excel, a leading provider of workforce solutions, helps HR organizations create unique candidate and employee experiences from pre-hire to retirement. We know that engaging workplace experiences is essential for motivating employees to care more, work smarter and stay longer. Engage2Excel understands what employees really want because we look at the entire employee lifecycle through a scientific lens. We conduct original surveys and rely on three decades of groundbreaking research by our Chief Scientific Officer, Jack Wiley, Ph. D. Our industry-leading solutions for recruitment, employee recognition and engagement surveys are tailored to each client’s unique business objectives and are designed to help clients improve engagement, performance and retention.

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