Press Release: Survey on Performance Recognition Reveals Positive Impact of Programs on Employee Perceptions

If your company doesn’t utilize formal programs for recognizing employee performance, you may want to reconsider based on the results of a recently released survey report from Trendicators, the research division of human resources (HR) solutions provider Engage2Excel. Conducted in December 2017, this survey of 1,500 U.S. employees representing all major industry sectors and demographic categories fills a current void in research data. While the vast majority of research on performance recognition programs focuses on what companies are doing, this survey report, titled What Employees Say About Performance Recognition, provides statistically valid research on the perceptions and preferences of the employees that performance recognition programs seek to influence.

“In today’s workplace, employee perceptions and experiences matter more than ever before,” says the author of the survey, Jack Wiley, Ph.D., Engage2Excel’s chief scientific officer. “Understanding what employees really want is vital to improving employee engagement, productivity and retention, and to competing more effectively in today’s war for talent.”

Dr. Wiley is an award-winning organizational psychologist recognized internationally for groundbreaking research that links employee survey results to measures of business performance. An author and keynote speaker, Dr. Wiley shares his research findings and advice with thousands of HR professional and business leaders every year.

Key Research Findings

  • 72% of the employees surveyed work for companies that offer formal performance recognition programs.
  • 81% of employees believe that performance recognition programs are effective, and 89% believe that they increase engagement.
  • Employees who work for employers with performance recognition programs are twice as likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work.
  • Significant gaps exist between what employees want and what employers offer in today’s performance recognition programs. The greatest disparities exist in an employee’s ability to accumulate points, have a choice of awards and receive points for health and wellness activities.

To access the complete survey report, What Employees Say About Performance Recognition, click here.

About Engage2Excel
Engage2Excel, a leading provider of workplace solutions, helps HR organizations create unique candidate and employee experiences from pre-hire to retirement. We know that engaging workplace experiences are essential for motivating employees to care more, work smarter and stay longer. Engage2Excel understands what employees really want because we look at the entire employee lifecycle through a scientific lens. We conduct original surveys, validate best practices from our client base of 2,700+ organizations and rely on three decades of groundbreaking research by our chief scientific officer, Jack Wiley, Ph.D. Our industry-leading solutions for recruitment, employee recognition and engagement surveys are tailored to each client’s unique business objectives and are designed to help clients increase competitive advantage and improve bottom-line results.

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