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Discover how Engage2Excel can help your organization turn every recognition moment into business results.

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Our advanced sourcing and candidate engagement strategies help you fill critical skills and succession gaps.

Proven, performance-based recognition and rewards programs optimize loyalty and business outcomes.

Understand what employees want most to turn experiences and engagement into competitive advantage.

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Engage2Excel is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in recruiting, recognition, employee surveys and HR technology by today's most respected analyst groups and professional HR associations.

What Do Today’s Candidates Want Most?

What Do Today’s Candidates Want Most?

Discover why today’s job seekers accept or reject job offers, why they quit, and how their onboarding experiences affect retention. And gain a national perspective on hot-button issues like remote work, side gigs and your recruitment processes. It’s all in the 2023 Job Seekers Survey Report.

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Help every manager improve employee
engagement, team cohesion and performance


The Employee-Centric Manager Upward Feedback Survey and Training Program by Dr. Jack Wiley is a proven solution for helping every manager in your organization understand and deliver what their direct reports want and need most to succeed. Unlike one-size-fits-all manager training, Dr. Wiley’s program is diagnostic, focusing on the unique needs of each manager and includes specific guidance on how to make behavioral improvements.

Based on the ground-breaking research presented in his book, The Employee-Centric Manager, this program is delivered in-person by Dr. Wiley and is also available in a train-the-trainer format.
To learn more, please email: ECM@engage2excel.com

The New Hire Retention Challenge

The New Hire Retention Challenge

Struggling with the challenge of improving new hire retention? Our latest eBook offers research on early attrition trends, causes and impacts—along with practical advice for reducing attrition during the first 120 days of employment.

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Accelerate success by understanding what employees want most


Candidate Experience:

66% of active candidates say being praised/recognized during the hiring process is important.¹


Performance Recognition:

89% of employees say receiving recognition for performance increases engagement.²


People Analytics:

55% of talent professionals say they need help putting people analytics in place within their organizations.³

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