Engage2Excel Expands its CXS Develop Offering to Include Impactful Research-Based Manager Training and Development

MOORESVILLE, N.C., November 28, 2023 – Engage2Excel, Inc., an industry-leading provider of recruitment, recognition, and engagement solutions, has released the latest findings from its Employee-Centric Manager (ECM) Upward Feedback and Training solutions developed by Dr. Jack Wiley.

ECM Upward Feedback and Training solutions, part of Engage2Excel’s CXS Develop platform offering, are proven to help every manager in the organization understand and deliver what their direct reports want and need most to succeed. Unlike one-size-fits-all manager training, Dr. Wiley’s program is diagnostic, focusing on the unique needs of each manager and includes specific guidance on how to make behavioral improvements.

“Managers play a pivotal role in the career experience continuum,” says Jeff Gelinas, President of Recognition & Engagement at Engage2Excel. “Today, more than ever, organizations need research-based training and development to improve the effectiveness of their managers.”

Throughout 2023, the program has been rolled out to several Engage2Excel clients, with manager trainings receiving high satisfaction scores. Participant highlights include: 100% agree that they are satisfied overall with the training (90% strongly agree). 100% consider the training to be relevant to managers of the organization (86% strongly agree). 100% believe training content will improve their job performance (83% strongly agree). These headlines reinforce how strongly this curriculum supports manager growth and development.

As Dr. Wiley notes, “this upward feedback-based training program is unique because it reveals what is truly important to the employee. It is not an academic theory but rather a practical day-to-day guide for managers to improve their people management skills. This explains why managers see it as highly relevant to the demands of their roles.”

Six-month post-training measurement, based on upward feedback from direct reports, validates the effectiveness of the offering. Typically, managers show notable improvement on most if not all of the ECM attributes and their overall performance.

Dr. Jack Wiley, CEO of Employee Centricity and Chief Scientific Officer at Engage2Excel, is the author of the books “The Employee-Centric Manager” and “RESPECT” and is an award-winning organizational psychologist, researcher and leadership consultant.

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