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Looking for a partner that will hit the ground running in meeting your recruitment objectives?
We do much more than just find qualified candidates. Engage2Excel offers you flexible solutions to help
you hire engaged employees who care more, work smarter and stay longer.

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A science-driven approach to building engagement into each step of the talent acquisition process

Hiring Preboarding & Onboarding
Interviewing & Selection
Branding & Differentiation

Today’s candidates—whether they are actively seeking a job or passively willing to consider a better opportunity—have more choices. They have greater access to information about opportunities and greater visibility to recruiters.

Creating better candidate and employee experiences is the key to success in attracting and retaining top talent. Engage2Excel helps you build engagement into each step of the talent acquisition process. We regularly conduct nationwide surveys to understand active and passive candidate mindsets across industry sectors and demographic groups. We document and validate best practices across our diverse client base to improve recruiting performance. And, our recruitment methodologies are based on three decades of research on employee engagement.

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Welcome to Recruiting Machine™ the ATS you’ll actually enjoy using

Welcome to Recruiting Machine™ the ATS you’ll actually enjoy using

  • Designed by recruiters—loved by clients
  • Create and manage the status of job requisitions
  • Side-by-side Top Candidate Comparison Chart for each role
  • Attract, evaluate, disposition, communicate with and manage the status of candidates
  • Video interviewing capabilities
  • Demonstrate OFCCP compliance
  • Gain visibility into every step of the process to see where your project stands
  • Manage candidate pools and campaigns
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Provide new talent with Pre-boarding and Onboarding experiences that engages them before they accept employment and beyond.

If you wait to begin onboarding on day one, you’re already too late.

6 out of 10 candidates would consider other opportunities if they don’t hear from the hiring organization between offer acceptance and the first day of employment.

That’s why we created Onboarding Accelerators™ to help you create a fulfilling experience with a pre-boarding and onboarding programs designed to help new employees assimilate into your culture quicker and become more productive in a shorter period. these are not your typical onboarding activities (what we like to call paperwork). Our flexible components include welcome gifts tailored to your culture and Sociables™ an interactive engagement and recognition tool to celebrate milestones and positive behaviors.

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