Prescriptive insights for improving
your ROI on recognition.

Apply advanced analytics to measure and predict recognition program ROI.

Engage2Excel partners exclusively with One Model, the leader in performance-based human capital analytics, to measure and predict the business impact of employee recognition programs. This enables HR leaders to join the rest of the enterprise in using advanced analytics to plan, document and grow recognition programs based on ROI.

Get the metrics you need to analyze, improve and scale recognition programs

Until now, employee recognition programs have lacked the business performance data that has driven transformational change throughout the enterprise. Engage2Excel provides the advanced analytics you need to recognize and reward the behaviors that drive success on a daily basis.

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Target, budget and prioritize recognition programs to improve ROI


TARGET: Target recognition programs based on any measurable business criteria for departments, functions, workgroups, job families and more.


BUDGET: Build your employee engagement and recognition budget based on an ROI you can take to your CFO.

PRIORITIZE: Align your investment in engagement and recognition with the strategic priorities and change management initiatives that matter most to your company.


IMPROVE: Prescriptive analytics provide leaders with the insight they need to improve bottom-line results.

Boost bottom-line results with Engage2Excel

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