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At Engage2Excel, we view employee recognition programs not as an end result but as a means of achieving business results that are unique to your company. What are the business challenges your company faces that can be addressed through employee recognition programs? How does employee engagement in different parts of your company impact your ability to address these challenges? What are the specific behaviors that we seek to influence through employee recognition programs?

At Engage2Excel, we view the implementation of employee recognition programs not as a goal but as a means of achieving business goals that are unique to your company. Our team of employee engagement and recognition experts can help you:

  • Identify and prioritize your company’s business challenges and goals that can be addressed through employee recognition programs
  • Analyze engagement levels in different parts of your company along with the behaviors that drive business outcomes related to your goals
  • Develop an ROI-Based Employee Recognition program that will enable you to measure, manage and improve performance.

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Program Design

Engage2Excel solution experts can help you design a program to meet your company’s unique needs, business objectives and budget requirements. From highly configurable solutions to complete custom program development or anywhere in between, we will design a program that engages your employees and delivers measurable results.

Creative Services

The quest for innovation and creativity in any organization starts with its people. This insight is central to our focus and ensures that clients attract, motivate, and retain the best and brightest talent. Our rich history as an innovator spans all facets of managed recognition and reward programs to help bring your vision to reality.

Engage2Excel is committed to creating recognition solutions and campaigns that are an extension of your company’s culture and brand. After assessing your current communication channels and generating creative concepts that bring the program tenets to life, we build a communication strategy that delivers a powerful message across the organization. All program components, including messaging, nomenclature and look and feel, will resonate within your organization and comply within your company’s internal communications standards.

Each employee touch-point provides the opportunity to convey a meaningful message and reinforce organizational objectives. From presentation and communication materials to customized award packaging and websites, Engage2Excel can create almost any marketing collateral possible to positively reflect your brand and your recognition message.

Award Selection

Take your employees’ recognition experience to the next level with the right gift offering. We offer the best products that suit your budget, employee demographics, and global needs.

When it comes to award selection, our team is here to help you choose the right gifts to award employees. Whether you choose from our extensive award collection or select a custom product mix of your own, our team of product experts draws on in-house manufacturing and global sourcing resources to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with merchandising trends and offering a wide variety of products to suit the tastes and preferences of every generation. By attending annual trade shows, visiting on-site with our vendors, and immersing ourselves in the world of premium award choices, we glean firsthand knowledge of what’s new and what people want. Everything from electronics and housewares to jewelry and toys to outdoor recreation and socially responsible items are available. Our merchandise collection is refreshed constantly, which means every time that participants view our catalog, they are likely to see something new.

With thousands of award choices from the best brands combined with an award warranty unsurpassed in the industry, our turnkey solutions and custom product offerings provide you with an innovative and affordable approach to distinctive award choices.

Campaign Management

Execution is everything, and by the time your program launch day comes around, our team makes sure that everything required has been checked, reviewed, approved and ready to go live. All hands are on deck for your program’s launch day. Each member of the team follows a go-live checklist designed to cover every aspect of your program requirements. Whether you are using our robust Web-based functionality, email notification, or paper communication methods, your program kickoff is launched to drive engagement without missing a step.

Advanced Analytics

Engage2Excel provides the advanced analytics you need to measure, manage and improve the business impact of your employee recognition programs. We offer engagement surveys that help your company’s leaders understand what employees want most. Our performance analytics provide the insight you need to plan, analyze and scale recognition programs to drive bottom-line results.

Manufacturing and Distribution

We believe that the difference between an award and a gift is adding a personal touch. When you need a custom product or unique gift to signify your employee’s success, you can turn to our manufacturing and distribution facilities with the flexibility to service orders for one special piece or high-volume orders.

We have our own jewelry-manufacturing facility, based in the United States, which can offer you world-class craftsmanship without finding a separate vendor. From in-house design and illustration to product development, we can custom-design something truly unique, such as men’s and women’s fashion jewelry and iconic emblematic pieces. Our experienced designers, casters, bench jewelers and certified gemologists are focused on delivering the highest-quality product possible.

When the moment calls for something different, clients have the option to customize elements of a recognition program, including presentation materials, packaging, or the product itself. Award customization and personalization techniques include engraving, etching, debossing, dye sublimation, sandblasting, and laser marking.

Because of our in-house manufacturing capabilities and global partnerships, our skilled team can take a blank slate — glass, metal, wood, crystal, fabric, or other materials — and craft it into a unique and symbolic item for your organization. All services are done tastefully and cost-effectively in our facilities.

Platform Support and Security

Our advanced and proprietary Software-as-a-Service technology platform offers some of the best program functionality, reward fulfillment, and program communication in the industry.

Whether you need one-on-one training or a comprehensive tutorial for self-training your leaders, our team can develop a training solution that goes hand-in-hand with your recognition program and needs.

With clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small firms, specific solutions have been developed under one technology umbrella to meet all needs.

Because our platform is a proprietary, hosted solution, we take care of the infrastructure investments, ongoing support and maintenance, and security management. With more than $10 million invested to date, we are committed to investing in your future recognition needs.

Engage2Excel systems are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, user-level access controls, daily backups, background checks on personnel and other security protocols to ensure the protection of your data.

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